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Vascular Examination

Evaluating the blood circulation...

A vascular examination is a specialized test that is used to evaluate the blood supply and overall circulation in the lower legs. There are several signs and symptoms, which might suggest the need for further evaluation. For instance, cold or burning feet, obvious areas of discoloration, dry brittle nails, numbness and tingling sensations in the feet and/or legs, and slow to non-healing skin wounds may all be signs for concern. In addition, there are also other signs, which your foot doctor is trained to identify that further indicate the need for vascular testing.

Accurate and painless...

The test itself is completely painless and takes about 40 minutes to complete. A computerized report is then produced, which is evaluated by your foot doctor. A copy of the report can then be sent to your family doctor upon your request. In addition to giving an overall view of your vascular status, the test is also usually able to identify the location of an existing problem when it exits.

Diabetic and pre-operative testing benefits...

In view of the extent, frequency, and potentially serious nature of poor circulation in the diabetic patient, we highly recommend this test as a part of a comprehensive examination. Again, the test is painless, takes less than an hour, and its cost is usually covered by most health insurance plans. Another area where we often recommend this test is in certain cases where surgical correction is being considered. Our primary interest in these cases is to insure the fact that the patient's circulation is sound enough to allow for adequate healing.

A specialized diagnostic tool...

Vascular testing is a specialized diagnostic tool and should be thought of in much the same way as we think of any other diagnostic procedure. The results provide both the doctor and the patient with essential scientific data, which improves the diagnostic and therapeutic approach to one's problem.

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