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What is osteoarthritis?

Do the joints in your feet ever ache or do they seem stiff in the morning when you first get out of bed? Do your feet appear red and swollen from time to time with no recollection of injury? If you read these questions and find yourself nodding yes, then you might be one of the many afflicted with what we call arthritis. Osteoarthritis is the most common form encountered and is usually a slowly progressive degenerative disease, which affects the joints. In actuality, it is a gradual wearing away of the bone and soft cartilaginous covering of the joint.

Arthritic treatment is available...

In discussing the topic of therapy for osteoarthritis, we have both good news and bad news. The bad news is that as of today, we have no actual cures for osteoarthritis and its disabling symptoms. The good news however, is that we do have effective treatment procedures that can reduce the symptoms associated the disease. Our office has developed over the years, an effective comprehensive approach to treating the osteoarthritic foot and ankle. Although it is not fool proof in all cases, it has given us a very successful tool in the treatment of this problem.

A total symptom approach...

Our approach is basically three fold depending upon the degree of involvement. Perhaps the most important phase is a specific plan of physical therapy given to the patient over a period of several weeks. These visits feel great and help to reduce the discomfort and swelling involved. A second phase is oral medication designed to reduce joint swelling and pain. The third phase of treatment involves the use of a padded insole, which cushions the bottom of the foot and absorbs the shock of weight bearing.

Yes, this therapy plan does work and in many cases, effectively reduces the arthritic symptoms involved. Let us try to help you in the fight against osteoarthritis and its disabling joint symptoms.

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