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Improper walking causes various problems...

It is interesting to note that a large number of foot problems are actually the result of improper weight transfer and pressure during gait. Faulty weight bearing mechanics or biomechanics, as we call it, can readily cause postural defects and shock related symptoms up the entire body frame. Bunions, calluses, corns, heel pain, shin splints, and knee pain are some of the more common problems that suggest a probable functional cause. By conducting a thorough clinical examination, your foot specialist will usually be able to isolate and identify the primary source of the problem.

Orthotics control foot and ankle function...

While surgery is used to correct certain structural problems, it is frequently essential to also address the cause of the problem or functional abnormality. In other words, removing a bunion bump or getting rid of a painful callus is great but unless one changes the underlying faulty weight-bearing pattern, the problem will likely recur. The most effective way of altering one's gait is to use prescription supportive devices known as orthotics. Like braces for the teeth, these devices are professionally made from foot impressions and are designed to control the function of the foot and ankle during walking.

Orthotics provide comfort and decrease fatigue...

A properly made pair of functional orthotics provides lasting comfort and can significantly reduce fatigue for the patient. They can generally be moved from shoe to shoe and rarely require special widths or depths. Orthotics are made of durable products, which allow them to last for several years and usually require no specialized type of maintenance. The particular selection of a certain type of device is made by your foot specialist who is trained to prescribe a product designed to address your specific needs.

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